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Pre-Preparation for Hypnosis Session

For a successful hypnosis, the questionnaire and the audio preparation hypnosis are available for free.

For questions or ambiguities I am at your disposal.


The questionnaire gives you the opportunity to prepare the session and to reflect in calmness your topic / problem.

<<< Please download the questionnaire and fill it out completely! <<<

Send me the completed questionnaire at least 48 hours before your hypnosis appointment by email.

Send e-mail to:


The following audio file is available for free and helps you to be prepared for the upcoming hypnosis session.

If possible, listen to the deepening hypnosis at least three times. Ideally, you should listen to the audio of deep hypnosis every day until your hypnosis appointment.

It’s best to download the audio if you want to listen to on your PC or smartphone. So you can best hear the deepening hypnosis directly from your phone with headphones.
Also suitable for falling asleep ;-)

I wish you a lot of relaxation while listening.

Note: For download click on the three dots on the right of the speaker icon!

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